Choosing the Right Location for Near-Cloud Services

We know that not every organization is ready for a 100% migration to the cloud, but that doesn’t mean that leveraging the cloud for the entirety of your workload isn’t possible.

In fact, a very simple strategy exists which allows you to do just that: move your workloads to a “near-cloud” hosting location rather than directly to the cloud. This strategy lets you enable low-latency and high-speed connectivity that delivers the best connectivity and performance levels for your hybrid workload. This approach revolutionizes your cloud experience, providing total control over your cloud migration journey while preventing negative impacts on your end-user experience.

We choose to partner with a world leader in connectivity and hosting (Equinix) so that we are able to offer top-notch datacentre locations all around the globe. We do this so that we can offer you the most stable, reliable, and efficient servers available. Most importantly, this partnership allows you to interconnect with the largest ecosystem of cloud platforms and providers in the world.

In fact, Equinix delivers unparalleled access to over 200 datacentres on 5 continents, and with 99.9999% uptime, these global locations can be accessed on-demand at any time.

Exceptional Uptime

Enjoy uptime speeds that simply can’t be beat! Equinix datacentres come out on top with industry-leading 99.9999% uptime.

Power Density

Equinix locations use strong heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to handle anything that comes their way.

Global Footprint

Equinix boasts 17M + ft2 + ft2 of datacentre space in 52 markets, 24 countries, and 5 continents.


We’ve got you covered for your traffic exchange and interconnection services through direct cross connects, cloud services, and peering with other 1800 networks through Equinix.


All datacentres are fully equipped with back-up systems, UPS power, and N+1 or greater redundancy.


Datacentres utilize a variety of proven and trusted security procedures, techniques, and equipment to monitor, record, and control access to the facility and its cages.

It’s All About Interconnection

When choosing the perfect hosting location for your services and applications, be sure to remember that your location needs to let you connect seamlessly to your ecosystem of providers, partners, and customers. It’s not only about power or rack costs. You need to consider which location and provider will offer you optimal performance, low latency connectivity, and excellent visibility.

If you’re looking for low-cost and high-performance data linking between your cloud provider and your in-house IT environment, public clouds are the way to go. Better yet, Equinix provides private access to the public clouds!

Plus, Equinix is the only provider who has private access to Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. You’ll enjoy direct connectivity at the absolute best price from more than 2500 cloud providers in each Equinix location.

Connectivity in the Right Locations

Equinix boasts a reach that no other provider can hope to match. With more than 200 datacenters spread across 5 continents, you’ll enjoy the ability to rapidly scale a multi-national footprint whilst maintaining the highest standards in performance, security, reliability, and network choice.

Everyone can benefit from the solid interconnections available with Equinix. Migrating to a hybrid cloud structure? We’ve got you covered. Implementing virtual desktops for your staff? We’ve got everything you need.

Equinix has more than 1500 network providers across the world, allowing you to take advantage of every benefit brought to you by the cloud while minimizing security concerns, vendor lock-ins, and internet performance bottlenecks.

Building a Better, Faster Future Together

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