Transforming Your Cloud Finances

The benefits of the cloud for your business are staggering: you can deliver transformed services, exceed faster with innovation, and reach your end-users creatively and efficiently. The upsides are hard to put a price tag on until you get the bill for those upsides.

Then, you see the downsides that aren’t often advertised. If you’ve ever looked at your cloud bill and wondered ‘why is our bill so high?” or “who authorized this?” or “which department bought this?” you could use our help. Nearly every client who has come to us for assistance saved between 20% and 80% on their cloud spending with an average of more than 35% for the typical mid-sized environment.

Eliminating the need to ask these questions requires a proven and effective cost-optimization strategy. Cost optimization of your cloud services is an essential component of a successful FinOps strategy for any company or organization. It enables you to quickly identify and eliminate cloud wastage as well as to enjoy automation and comprehensive management of security, cost, inventory, utilisation, and compliance of your cloud services. up to 80% of your cloud spend will be eliminated so that you can allocate resources where they are otherwise needed.

Our cloud cost optimization service uses advanced tooling that automates your savings, ensuring that the quality of your cloud spend increases while the quantity of your spend decreases.

Spend Optimization

Take advantage of our predictive analytics and personalized resource purchasing recommendations to save up to 80% on your cloud services!

Inventory Visibility

We’ll help you streamline asset management, gain total visibility, and develop a complete picture of your cloud environments including providers such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Best Practices Checks

With more than 500 best practices checks, we’ll continuously monitor your cloud(s) and identify any unused instances, idly resources, and EC2 reserved instance mismatches.

Right RI Rebalancer and Sizing Report

We’ll provide resource re-sizing recommendation, pinpoint resource wastage, and ensure optimization of every aspect of your cloud.

Billing, Invoicing, and Chargebacks

Our advanced tooling creates and schedules invoices for every account, business unit, application owner, and department.

Why Cost Optimization Matters

Cost optimization makes scaling your usage much easier with greater governance over your IT, security, and finance cloud environments. Since cost optimization offers increased control over your cloud’s budget and spending, it permits you to reduce your overall spend and free up funds for other critical business initiatives that may have been on the back burner before now.

Using standardized and demonstrated tooling to automate your optimization process is the first, and most important, step in your FinOps journey. Doing so ensures that your optimized operational processes become ingrained in your business culture rather than being viewed as an ad-hoc activity, thus maximising your savings potential and allowing your resources to be allocated elsewhere when needed.

We recommend using our advanced SaaS-based tool that’s designed to give you total control and complete visibility of your cloud spend, thereby giving you the ability to properly manage and allocate costs, optimise your spending habits, and save significantly within the first 30 days of service.

By expertly managing expenses, securing the cloud infrastructure, and optimizing resource use and allocation, we deliver unmatched visibility and control over your cloud, across all environments.

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