Enjoy A Brand-New, Customer-Defined Cloud

Our flexible infrastructure as a service combines powerful computing power with tools and an approach that channels this power in the most effective way possible. This way, we can deliver an amazing price to performance ratio that works for any business, workload, and service.

We ensure that your infrastructure is simple to buy and consume. We promote a pay-as-you-go standard pricing model with options for the longer-term commitments, all at an affordable price.

What Do You Get With This Service?

Exceptional Performance

Your applications will be tailored to any workload or operating system using our state-of-the-art CPU customizations and modern hardware options.

Flexible Storage

Mixing-and-matching has never been easier with our flexible storage solutions. Choose between tiers of storage, from magnetic storage to SSD storage, for your OS and data storage needs.

High Performance Networking

No longer get bogged down on large data runs, video streaming, conference video calling, or anything else! You can easily stream at multiple-gig speeds using our cloud servers.

Instant Provisioning

Experience zero delays when selecting IPs, drives, provision servers, private networks, and any other resource we offer.

Elegant API

We boast 100% feature coverage with our easy-to-use API. This means that any feature you want is always available using a machine-to-machine interface.

Flexible Configurations

We don’t like using fixed VPS configurations or servers. We want you to get exactly what you need, so we allow you to either pick from ready-configured servers or to enjoy free-form unbundled resources.

Data Security

We structure out platform to (legally) separate cloud locations by country, meaning that each hosting location is subject to only their local laws.

ISO Security Certified

Our cloud services and infrastructure are certified compliant with ISO 27001 requirements regarding data privacy and security.

Simplified Transparent Pricing

Our pricing models are purposefully straightforward and transparent. We bill you based on your resource consumption, meaning you’re free to build your infrastructure from scratch, just the way you want it, using completely unbundled server sizing and resources.

We keep things simple. We look at total storage, RAM, CPU, and data traffic usage once every 5 minutes. You also have the option to purchase on-demand through a subscription, or you can opt for a hybrid of the two.

Global Cloud Locations

Our cloud locations range from North America to Europe to the Middle east and APAC. Our locations are selected carefully to ensure quality connectivity, security, and reliability. Our locations all meet Tier III datacentre quality levels to ensure trustworthy infrastructure that you can rely on. Our top locations currently include:.


  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Geneva, Switzerlan
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Dublin, Ireland
    United States

  • Washington DC
  • San Jose
  • Miami
  • Honolulu
    Middle East and APAC

  • Manila, Philippines
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Perth, Australia
  • Melbourne, Australia

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