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When organization think of the cloud, they automatically think of simplicity, flexibility, and low cost. Unfortunately, reality more often encompasses complex billing, huge wastage, and little business intelligence facilitating their understanding of their consumption.

If a single cloud is confusing, imagine your frustration at trying to understand multi-cloud system plus the complexity of legacy system and other SaaS platform billing.

This is why you need our cloud financial management services. Our cloud optimization and billing services eradicate all of the confusion and stress that usually accompanies cloud spending. We deliver a comprehensive cloud financial management solution that includes the automation of security, cost, compliance, billing, inventory, and utilization. Our services provide the information and guidance that you need in order to better manage your cloud spending and services. With our cloud financial management services, you’ll enjoy significant savings right away.

Cost Optimisation

We check your usage and performance stats to optimize your cloud costs and reduce spending. We give you everything you need to save money by optimizing spending and proper management and allocation of costs

Leverage Spare Capacity

One of the most effective and immediate ways to cut costs is to leverage your spare capacity that cloud providers offer. Forget optimizing CPU utilisation, you can save 60% more by leveraging spare capacity.

Intelligent Billing

We give you complete control over your finances by providing a billing and metering solution that covers all of your cloud resources. By having better control over your assets, you can automate your IT delivery.

Why Is Cost Optimization so Important?

Cost optimization makes scaling your usage much easier with greater control over your IT, security, and finance cloud ecosystems. Since cost optimization offers increased control over your cloud’s budget and spending, it enables you to reduce your overall spend and free up funds for other critical business initiatives that may have been on the back burner until now.

Using standardized and proven tooling to automate your optimization process is the first, and most important, step in your FinOps journey. Doing so ensures that your optimized operational processes become ingrained in your business culture rather than being viewed as an ad-hoc activity, thus maximising your savings potential and allowing your resources to be allocated elsewhere when needed.

We recommend using our advanced SaaS-based tool that’s designed to give you total control and complete visibility of your cloud spend, thereby giving you the ability to properly manage and allocate costs, optimise your spending habits, and save significantly within the first 30 days of service.

By expertly managing expenses, securing the cloud infrastructure, and optimizing resource use and allocation, we deliver unmatched visibility and control over your cloud, across all environments.

If you want to see how our services can help you save a minimum of 20% on your cloud spend, get started with a free trial today!

Make the Most of Spot Instances

Cost optimization is the most effective starting point for reducing spend, but there’s another way to take advantage of the cloud for significant savings: Spot instances. Our partner Spotinst makes leveraging spare cloud capacity such as spot instances easy and risk-free. You can save up to 80% of your cloud spend by using this method.

This quick and easy-to-deploy SaaS tool uses price prediction technology to reliably deploy onto spot instances. By effectively and accurately predicting fluctuations and interruptions, this tool goes on the offensive for prevention of interruption by reducing clusters.

This effective spot instances service leverages any excess capacity across all of the big names in cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. We remove all of the complexity and risk typically involved to provide simple management and scaled orchestration.

Steer Clear of Excel Hell

Your cloud bills will quickly become impossible to decipher as your cloud usage scales and becomes more complex. It will require monumental effort to turn those confusing and frustrating bills into actionable business intelligence, whether for capacity management, cross charging, or billing analytics.

Typically, when organizations first face this challenge, their go-to move is to throw people at the problem. The flaw in this approach is that this becomes a costly and complex maneuver to gain insights that could be gotten in an easier, faster, and budget-friendly manner.

If you’re one of the companies still struggling with complicated Excel spreadsheets in an attempt to compile your monthly chargeback or billing reports, know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Creating those reports is a waste of your valuable time, not to mention that the manual nature of the process means that data quality is challenging at best to guarantee. And of course, questions arise that are far from simple to answer such as: how do you obtain all the different metrics you need and how do you process a whole stack of different file formats? The answer is simple when you turn to us.

Use our intelligent billing service to automate the entire process and close that Excel file for good.

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