Shift Your IT Culture to DevOps

Transforming your applications and services to become more flexible requires a shift away from legacy processes and monolithic infrastructure. With this change, it’s important to regularly consider the impact on your company culture and your staff. Agile services begin with a modernized landscape.

By working with us, you can achieve high-quality application development and a successful cloud-native strategy enabled by microservices and DevOps. We offer a variety of practical tooling that we match with real-world proven experience to assist you in a successful migration to cloud-native leaders.

Managed Kubernetes Service

Our simplified Kubernetes service makes container deployments easier than ever, saving you both time and energy. With us, you can deploy a production-ready cluster in as few as 3 clicks.

Application Performance Management

Our on-demand service will map, monitor, and discover every component of your applications, underlying infrastructure, and user experience.

Microservices and Container Monitoring

Discover and monitor the dynamic microservices running inside of your containers to see how they communicate, perform, and detect poor performance.

Simplifying Multi-Cloud Management with Kubernetes

Applications containers are quickly expanding and becoming the go-to method of choice for modern IT infrastructure.

Kubernetes is known worldwide for deploying modern applications in containers. The widespread adoption of this trend means greater operational complexity and a slow-down of new services being delivered by development teams.

Since reducing complexity is one of our top priorities, we offer our customers a powerful and simple-to-use tool that simplifies Kubernetes deployments no matter which cloud provider you opt for or where your cloud is located.

Our solution is the simplest Kubernetes deployment method out there, letting you deploy your Kubernetes clusters in just a few clicks!

Assisting You With Your Cloud-Native Journey

The transformation to a cloud-native entity must be undertaken carefully and with understanding of every aspect of the process. We are pros in this regard and can help you get there much faster.

Most organizations looking to begin the transformation get sucked in by all the exciting technology and see becoming Cloud Native as being as simple as deploying DevOps tooling such as Kubernetes. Unfortunately, when organizations fail to consider their architecture, maintenance and delivery processes, and their internal culture, the transformation will fail. We’ll make sure you consider everything that needs to be taken into account before beginning the transformation so that you avoid a costly waste of resources and your valuable time.

While the benefits and flexibility that cloud-native applications provide is significant and exciting, you must understand the scope of potential issues that you might face during the transition away from your current applications. The open source world can be daunting when you first begin exploring, so we’ll be here every step of the way to ensure the transition goes off without a hitch.

Our discovery service looks at addressing these and other issues. A basic discovery involves a multi-disciplinary team working alongside your team and exploring all of your potential migration challenges over a two-day period. These discoveries are essential for obtaining a clear view of your cloud native maturity as well as to give you a picture of what works well and where your areas of improvement lie.

Building a Better, Faster Future Together

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