Enjoy Single Billing For your Cloud

One of the most common complaints of cloud customers is their frustrating cloud billing. Nearly every customer finds it challenging to understand their complex cloud bills. The confusing nature of cloud billing makes it extremely difficult to turn those bills into actionable business intelligence including billing analytics, capacity management, or cross charging.

Do you run your production in Azure, develop and test in AWS, and use OpenStack for your acceptance infrastructure? Do multiple sub-organizations consume Office 365? Do you consume Azure CSP from a public cloud? These are all common scenarios, but they make for tricky tracking of usage and spending. How do you generate accurate reports or invoice your line-of-business owners correctly?

The typical answer is to use people to sort out the problem, thereby developing a costly, inefficient, and inexact process for aligning billing with internal invoicing. Not to mention the confusing aspect of processing multiple file formats or obtaining a variety of different metrics.

Our powerful SaaS tool is easy to use, swift to deploy, and provides an effective fix for your billing problems. It will consolidate your on-premise services and cloud services into a single intelligent billing platform, bringing total clarity and manageability of your cloud consumption and costs.

Cloud Agnostic Billing

Using a cloud-agnostic proven approach, we will enable you to accurately and completely report costs including snapshots of spending per division, region, department, and application.

Intelligent Invoicing

Our intelligent invoicing tool generates accurate, complete, and detailed invoice reports which are useful for billing use cases, internal chargeback, and more.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Enjoy a consolidated view of your billing with advanced integration of your on-premise and cloud resources.

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