Flexible Reserved Instance Management

Choosing between sticking with on-demand computing resources and purchasing Reserved Instances (RIs) may seem to be a simple decision, but the reality is much different for must cloud customers.

Building and maintaining an RI fleet is complex, time consuming, and often ignored in favour of on-demand services. the problem with this scenario is that on-demand services drive up costs and restrict innovation within your organization. Manually managing an RI fleet is a challenging job, requiring hundreds of decisions every month to reconcile the data with your business requirements.

To free yourself of this hellish responsibility, we offer the use of Spotinist Eco, a SaaS tool that will automate your RI purchasing and allow you to enjoy savings through continuously buying, selling, monitoring, and modifying your RI fleet.

Spotinist Eco repetitively scans the RI market looking for opportunities to save more and improve flexibility, thus developing a customised fleet strategy that handles all of your requirements. Eco eliminates all the risk typically involved and allows for more control over your cloud spend. As a bonus, you begin seeing savings immediately upon deployment, meaning that you can enjoy instant gratification once this tool is in place.

Constant Optimization

Spotinist Eco allows you to maximise savings by constantly buying, selling, monitoring, and modifying your RI fleet around the clock.

Say Goodbye to On-Demand Payment

Using RI and leveraging spot instances means that you’ll never pay on-demand prices ever again.

Eliminate Manual Effort

Take advantage of our automation tools to free up your cloud and business teams for more important tasks.

Results You Can See

The benefits and outcome of using Eco are simple to measure and numerous in number: your operational overhead will decrease, you’ll free yourself from high-cost on-demand services, and you’ll achieve significant savings on your cloud spend.

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