The Cloud Doesn’t Have to Break Your Security Model

Understanding that the cloud can help your business is the easy part. Determining how to secure all of your critical data, workloads, and users during and after the transition, however, isn’t quite so simple. Moving your infrastructure to the cloud can have a much greater impact on security than you may realize.

It’s important to not underestimate the importance of protecting and securing your workloads and data when moving your business applications and services to the cloud. Now that we’re experiencing the introduction of serverless computing and containers, the risk to your workloads is only heightened.

Since we understand the gravity of protecting your data, we offer a broad range of SaaS-based tools and security services to enhance the protection of your crucial cloud data wherever and with whatever it is being accessed by. We have over a decade of experience using the inherent strengths of the cloud-native to enhance the security of your data, users, and workloads.

If you’re interested in trying out these security models for yourself, we encourage you to take full advantage of our free trial period.

Container Security

Since technologies such as Kubernetes have disrupted traditional security models, trust our security tooling to effectively lock down your important container workloads before it is too late.

Container Backup

Data persistence in containers now demands data backup in containers. You can trust our proven, experienced approach to protect and completely secure your containers.

Don’t Forget About Securing Your Employees’ Cloud Access

The cloud is a part of every single company’s day-to-day operations. It’s ideal for efficiency and end-user productivity levels, but not so great when considering the exponential increase in security risks posed to your company as a result. Uncontrolled data floating in the cloud is a sure-fire way to lose important – and sometimes sensitive – data to hackers and corruption.

The question you have to ask yourself is how are your IT departments expected to monitor all of the data, applications, and cloud providers that employees use on a daily basis? Talk about a headache for security teams everywhere! Cloud access security solutions are important for addressing these critical issues facing your company. By taking advantage of these essential services, you can take back control of your data without frustrating end-users – there’s no need to limit or prevent their usage when the services they’re using are secured effectively and reliably.

We offer a straightforward, simple, and easy-to-use cloud security service that makes detection, enforcement, and management incredibly easy to use and control. Our innovative cloud security service automatically adapts and learns your new applications, behaviours, devices, and malware threats. Our agentless approach to cloud security means a cost-effective, simple, and effective solution for you.

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