Say Goodbye to Cloud Data Loss for Good

It’s common practice to protect all of your physical data, but with the emergence of SaaS application data, we need a new common practice. It is incredibly dangerous to leave cloud data unprotected, but businesses are slow to adapt since they don’t know the risks of doing so. As more and more data starts being stored virtually, organisations need to devote more attention on how to best protect their information, and that of their clients.

The solution? NetApp SaaS Backup. This amazing service allows you to draw on all of the strengths and advantages of the cloud while simultaneously making data protection easier and more effective. The NetApp SaaS Backup service gives you total control over your data and works in the background to protect you from corruption, accidental deletion, and other pesky cloud troubles. You have access to a straightforward self-service portal that gives you complete ownership over all of your SaaS data. You can even take advantage of granular restore points which enable swift recovery of lost or missing data.

If you value simplicity and clarity, this intuitive interface is perfect for you. SaaS protection is made simple with NetApp SaaS Backup.

If you’d like to try out a new method of cloud data protection for yourself, get in touch with us to start your free no-obligation trial! You’ll be amazed at how simple cloud protection can be.

Office 365 Backup

Don’t forget your Office 365 data! Since overlooking your Office 365 data isn’t an option, we offer a simple service for user backups. This service is designed with you in mind, offering protection from hackers, data loss, corruption, and more.

We don’t leave anything unprotected with this service! We cover every office functionality including SharePoint, Exchange Online, OneDrive, calendars, shared or public folders, and more.

With our enhanced self-service portal, we simplify data protection with rapid recovery even at the granular level.

Salesforce Backup

Don’t neglect your salesforce data! Overlooking the protection of your salesforce data is a critical mistake for your business. Imagine what would happen if you lost all or even half of your Salesforce CRM data. Not a pretty picture, right?

Sure, Salesforce offers restoration of your data, but at a staggering $10,000 fee. Could you afford that cost as well as a 6-8-week SLA? Probably not. If you don’t want to wait that long or pay that much, you need our user-friendly, budget-friendly data protection service instead.

Why is this important?

SaaS providers mainly focus on maintaining uptime and delivering their applications to users. They care more about managing their own infrastructure than about protecting yours. The full and complete protection of your data is in your own hands.

That may be surprising to hear, and that’s quite a common misconception. Most organisations believe that their data is entirely protected by SaaS providers, but that sadly isn’t the case. This belief can pose significant risks to your entire business if left unattended.

TIt’s therefore up to you to protect your organization’s vital data from hackers, user errors, and deletions.

Don’t trust your SaaS provider to provide full protection for your data; they provide only basic and limited protection, or charge exorbitant fees for recovery. You need true protection and security of your data, compliance monitoring, and centralized data backups.

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