Save More by Using Less

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, you require an approach to storage that allows for total protection of your data, simple and streamlined data management, and access to tools that enable you to move, sync, and protect your data seamlessly and risk-free.

Our partner NetApp empowers you to do just that through Cloud Volumes, a powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and fully managed data management solution for Google, Azure, and AWS workloads.

Cloud Volumes leverages NetApp’s exceptional storage management capabilities, allowing you to reduce your cloud storage and costs by up to a whopping 70% while providing drastic performance improvements – up to 20x that of standard public cloud storage options.

Backup and Archive

Take advantage of automated archival to lower tiers of storage to protect your crucial data from accidental deletion, hackers, and other external and internal threats.

File Services

Leave your users happy and protected through file access, management, and sharing across any distance and on any scale.


Cut down development, testing, and time to market timelines by using our zero-capacity, instantaneous clone volume creation.


Deliver effective and simplified service protection while improving performance, protection of data, and efficiency.

Fully-Managed Services

Since NetApp is a fully-managed service, we manage and configure your environment for you, simplifying and easing your storage management responsibilities.

Our services are built for all application and cloud developers, architects, database and application administrators, and line-of-business engineers who want to consume capacity rather than administer it.

Building a Better, Faster Future Together

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