Make Container Deployment and Management a Breeze

Application containers have quickly exploded into one of the most essential new technologies for modern IT infrastructure. Kubernetes has become a hot topic for every development team and is quickly being adopted all over the world due to the prevalence of companies deploying containerized applications. As a result, multi-cloud deployments are becoming increasingly more prevalent, resulting in an increased operational complexity and a decrease in the time-effectiveness of development teams as they work to deliver new and better services.

You can save time and energy with our superior Kubernetes service that simplifies deploying Kubernetes to the cloud. You’ll be able to deploy your containers with just a few clicks, anytime, any way you want, and anywhere you want it.

Our partner NetApp provides a management platform that provides developers and operators with the ability to manage Kubernetes infrastructure and cloud native applications without needing extensive knowledge or prior training.

Our managed Kubernetes service works with all major cloud providers as well as VMware. When you use our Kubernetes services, deployment becomes cost-effective, simple, and quick whether its hosted, on-premise, or in the cloud.

7 Clicks to Live Services

Kubernetes deployment has never been so simple. You can create a live cluster with only a few clicks.

Save Time

MOur intuitive dashboard allows you to manage your Kubernetes across multiple platforms and clouds. We make deployment a rapid, simple-to-manage process.

Simplify Deployments

It’s easy to simplify your Kubernetes integration into your GitOps and DevOps workflows when you use our managed Kubernetes service.

Rich in Features and Simple to Use

Our Kubernetes service is incredibly rich in desirable features such as node pools, RBAC management, auto-scaling, cluster lifecycle, enterprise registry, application management, metrics and logging dashboards, and even more! Enjoy powerful availability of these essential management features on-demand.

Wherever your environment runs, we can manage it in a single pane of glass along with clusters which run in Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. This service will organize your data and enable it to become portable across Google, Amazon, and Microsoft using NetApp support through Trident.

This service essentially offers a universal control panel for your Kubernetes infrastructure and cloud native applications. We deliver essential management features along with supports for application workloads on your Kubernetes clusters.

Try It Today!

We strive to eliminate complexity and confusion from your Kubernetes deployment and management. We’ve designed a powerful tool that can simplify the entire process and management regardless of your cloud provider or location.

Take our service out for a spin for 30 days with our free trial to discover how our Kubernetes service can transform your Kubernetes experience.

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